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When Weddings Go Wrong

Sometimes, wedding videography and photography can go very wrong. Take for example this married couple’s photos ( link: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/couples-badly-taken-wedding-pics-go-viral ) that went viral and made it to the national broadsheet earlier last year for its sheer repulsiveness. One can only sympathise with this couple when they got their wedding photos back. There is an expected a mix of anger, confusion, and ironic laughter in all of this. However, this incident begets a larger question — who is responsible for the poor quality of the wedding photos here? The photographer who did a terrible job, or the couple that chose to hire the said photographer?

We think that’s a very difficult question, but we expect that most would think both parties share some portion of the blame here.

Indeed, with the skyrocketing costs of weddings, it might seem like the obvious move to skimp on something like wedding photography or videography. After all, it is the least material thing that guests expect at any given wedding. However, this line of reasoning, as we will argue, is flawed.

There is a certain material sacrifice in hiring a good wedding videography and photography vendor for your wedding — we get that. However, we like to make the argument that your photos and videos last a great deal longer than a starter that you selected for your banquet, or the acquaintance of an acquaintance that you might agonise over whether to invite. You are only wed once (hopefully) after all. To that end, a wedding photographer and videographer whom you can trust and portray a work and style that you like, are key to making sure that the fond memories, special moments, and meaningful words are immortalised forever.

A great deal of the expense that you put it goes into actually goes to a bunch of post-production work. One cannot begin to fathom the sore legs and backs from hours spent sitting in front of a computer, reviewing and editing each of the clips to string the most coherent narrative for your wedding video.

So now you know why wedding videography (and photography) in Singapore costs so much! That said, we are not encouraging that you go all out and blow that budget on wedding videos or photos. Make the best decision for your wedding photos and videos based on what you can reasonably afford. We’ll see you around folks.