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What are Same Day Edit Wedding Videos?

Same Day Edit Wedding Video Service

 Same Day Edit Wedding

Matching Singapore wedding videography and Down the Aisle is like matching two peas in a harmonious pot. Down the Aisle is a sunny and thoughtful boutique that captures the beauty, magic and soul of your wedding.

Here at down the aisle, we take Same Day Edit Wedding with utmost care to portray the little things to make the video special and unforgettable. Weddings are meant to be special and as wedding videographers, we like to take your dreams into reality with finesse and joy. 

What is same day video editing?

Same Day Edit Wedding video are short highlights film of your stunning wedding day, infused with  music, much like a traditional wedding highlight but concise. Plus, you will get to enjoy the 2-3 mins video with your family and friends on that very special day itself. 

How is same day video editing done?

Much like the typical wedding video. The videographers attend the wedding from the bridal preparation and continue to film the wedding throughout the day. They will head back to the center of videography to create the short wonderful highlights film that had taken place at your joyous occasion. 

Behind the scenes of Same Day Edit Wedding Video in Singapore.

Before the amazing videos are produced, there are pre-planning arrangements to be discussed. But not to worry. It is as simple as saying I Do. 

Wedding videographers will draft up the concept and theme with the songs you have chosen to convey the mood that you are going for. Adding a couple of transitions to have a naturalistic flow of the story and lastly finishing it with a sweet beautiful ending.

How to prepare for a same day video edit shoot?

Now we know that it becomes a fun-sized film, the next question would be how do we prepare for it? Be your fun, energetic self showing loads of positive energy. The wedding videographer will guide you along the way with easy and understandable directions while the cameras are rolling.

The uniqueness of  wedding videography is to create something special wholly for you. Do not be shy to request for something special in advance as they want to paint a story with perfection for you too.

A bright day of editing with lightings 

Like we have mentioned above, they take lighting seriously. They will do their best to surpass limits given the hectic pace of weddings. Nevertheless, they want to shine the lights on you ever so grandly. 

Lighting varies from locations to the extent that they have to adjust accordingly. From how you position ourselves at the windows to the time of day you are going to shoot. Most definitely, they take great care of your comfort,  making sure you are fresh and energetic for your big day.

The experience

The wedding videographers will surpass your expectations with marvelous cinematography and videography. The atmosphere will be filled with breathtaking and romantic moments. Colourful moments tagged along with sweet good music. Never out of place.