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Same Day Edit Wedding Video Service Matching Singapore wedding videography and Down the Aisle is like matching two peas in a harmonious pot. Down the Aisle is a sunny and thoughtful boutique that captures the beauty, magic and soul of your wedding. Here at down the aisle, we take Same Day Edit Wedding with utmost care to portray the little things to make the video special and

Wedding video delivery formats are quite numerous. Often times they are expressed in obtuse terms like true 4k, 4K UHD and 1080p. As wedding videographers, such terminology is thoroughfare for us. What does it all mean though? Well, expressed simply, these funny numbers denote video resolution. Specifically, they represent the number of horizontal lines a video has from top to bottom. Perhaps one way to imagine

Lighting is an oft-overlooked, but essential part of any wedding. At a glance, flattering soft light can accentuate certain colours of a gown or suit, while harsh light can help highlight curves or other hard edges. And while modifying the light is ever the possibility, the hectic pace of a wedding sometimes limits what we can do. In sum, the most visually memorable wedding videos and photos